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Exploring Park Equity in Greater Long Beach

April 17 @ 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

Join us for an open forum for the community where design professionals, youth, and academics can come together, share insights, and collaboratively develop positive solutions to increase parks and open spaces in underserved communities in Long Beach.

Exploring Park Equity in Greater Long Beach

Free to attend and open to the community!

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Parks and open spaces are crucial in enhancing the quality of life in urban areas. Their importance extends across various dimensions, benefiting both individuals and whole communities. The significance of parks and open spaces is many, and they include Recreation and Leisure, Health and Well-being, Community Interaction, Biodiversity and Ecology, Youth and Children’s Development, Educational Opportunities, and Cultural and Historical Preservation to name a few.

Unfortunately, the number of parks and open space is not equal in all areas of the city and the attainment of Park equity is far from a reality in Long Beach. In West, Central, and North Long Beach, there is one acre of green space per 1,000 residents, compared to 16.7 acres per 1,000 residents in East Long Beach.

In summary, parks and open spaces contribute significantly to the physical, mental, social, and environmental well-being of individuals and communities. Moreover, their multifaceted benefits make them essential to improving the quality of life in those underserved and under-resourced communities in Long Beach that lack equitable park accessibility. 

Onsite translation will be available in Spanish and Khmer.


Alex Jung, AICP, Director of Urban Planning & Design, City Fabrick

Alex Jung, AICP, Director of Urban Planning & Design, City Fabrick

Alex is the Director of the Urban Planning & Design team and carries a passion for advancing equity and empowerment of underrepresented communities through creativity, collaboration, and capacity building. Alex has also been an instructor at CSU Long Beach and is currently an instructor at UCLA. Link to bio.

Adriana García So, ASLA, Project Manager, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

Adriana García So, ASLA, Project Manager, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

Adriana García So is a project manager for the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT), where she facilitates community-driven planning for parks and multibenefit green infrastructure projects in under-resourced communities. With a background in community engagement and landscape architecture, she approaches her work with an understanding of inclusivity and aims to center environmental justice through community-led projects and crafted spaces focused on user experience. Link to bio.

Rocio Torres, Board Member, AOC 7 Neighborhood Organization, Long Beach

Rocio Torres, Board Member, AOC 7 Neighborhood Organization, Long Beach

Rocio Torres is a dedicated individual who has spent her life working to improve her community. She began her journey as a neighborhood leader at the age of 18 and has continued to be an advocate for her community ever since. Rocio graduated from the Neighborhood Leadership Program in 1998 and was presented with the Mayor Beverly O’Neill Lifetime Leadership Award by the Neighborhood Services Bureau in 2018. Link to bio.

Alexandra Garibay, Youth/Student Representative, Long Beach Office of Youth Development

Alexandra Garibay, Youth/Student Representative, Long Beach Office of Youth Development

Alexandra Garibay Murillo is an At-Large member for the Youth Council for the City of Long Beach. Alexandra is a first generation Mexican American and is currently a senior at St. Anthony High School with the intention of joining either the Cal State Long Beach or UCLA community next fall majoring in Business/Economics. Link to bio.


AIA Learning Objectives:

Understanding Parks and Open Space Disparities in Long Beach: Attendees will gain insight into the dimensions of the lack of parks and open space in the communities located in the West and Central areas of Long Beach. By understanding these disparities, attendees will recognize the importance of equitable access to parks and open spaces for all residents, promoting community well-being and inclusivity. This aspect addresses the welfare component of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) by emphasizing the importance of equal access to resources that contribute to positive emotional and physical responses among users.

Hearing a Youth Perspective on the Importance of Parks and Open Space in the City: Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to a Long Beach youth sharing their thoughts on the importance of parks and open space in the city. Through this perspective, attendees will gain insights into the significance of parks for youth development, social interaction, and overall well-being. Additionally, by providing ideas for the development of parks based on youth perspectives, the presentation promotes inclusivity and community welfare, aligning with the welfare aspect of HSW.

Learning About Parks and Open Space Urban Planning and Design Elements: Attendees will learn from park project practitioners on ideas and concepts to create an equitable vision and roadmap for parks and open space development, acquisition, and improvement that promotes community and inclusion. This aspect addresses safety by considering elements of urban planning and design that contribute to accident prevention and user safety within parks. Additionally, by promoting inclusive planning and design, the presentation supports community welfare by ensuring that parks meet the diverse needs of all residents, aligning with the welfare component of HSW.

Learning from a Grassroots Community Organization on the Importance of Parks and Open Space: Attendees will learn from a Long Beach grassroots nonprofit organization on the challenges and successes of creating parks and open space in the city and the role that it plays in creating community, health, and well-being in the Washington Neighborhood. By highlighting the community health benefits associated with parks and open spaces, such as promoting physical activity and reducing stress, the presentation emphasizes the importance of these resources for individual and community health. Additionally, by addressing challenges and successes in park creation, the presentation promotes community welfare by advocating for equitable access to these resources, aligning with both the health and welfare aspects of HSW.

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